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Outage Texting is now available to Kay Electric Cooperative members. It has been our goal for members to be able to text in an outage from your cell phones. It has also been a goal to have a reply text sent to your cell phone when your outage text was received. The final goal on our wish list was to be able to send a text back when your electricity was restored. All three goals are now possible and available to our KEC!

Step 1. Get your cell phone number into our files. Call KEC and update your files. Make sure the cell phone or phones (up to 5 different cell phones) are on your account. You can call in and ask for help upgrading your phone numbers or you can upgrade your phone numbers, if you use our online SMART HUB.

Step 2. Once you get your cell phone numbers into our files (could take a day or two), you will need to complete installing the cell phone outage registration. This registration will let you, identify exactly which meter that your phone text is referring to. You can assign different accounts and their meters (home, barn, well, all, etc.) for your different services. Click on the following address or the text logo.

To sign up for the outage texting. It will ask for an E-mail address and for you to make up a password. Then, enter your cell phone number, upon recognizing your cell phone number you will receive a text message with a verification code, enter the verification code and you will receive another text letting you know that you have joined the KEC Outage Text group. You will now have a list of your accounts with service address, meter numbers and will let you identify what that meter is (home, barn, etc.). Save the information as you identify what the meters are and also as you identify other family member’s cell phones.

Step 3. In the event of an outage, you now can text 55050 (save in your cell phone contacts for future outages as Kay Electric Outage or something you will remember) which is our outage text number and type in outage and the keyword that identifies the meter that is out. (Such as outage home.) It will identify your cell phone # and the exact meter location that you just reported. It will text you back that the outage was reported successfully. When the electricity is restored, it will text you back “outage restored”.






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